About us

Our No. 1 Goal is to Improve Your Pet's Quality of Life

We are a team of dog owners. When some of our dogs getting older, they were in pain - and there was no solution. Due to congenital joint issues, they struggled with joint pain and mobility issues.We feel very heartbroken and trying various methods to relief them, but nothing works.

Realizing the effectiveness of heat therapy in relieving joint pain for people with arthritis, particularly the elderly, who have used it for generations, we wondered if this same therapy could benefit our furry friends. We explored the use of heat to manage joint problems in dogs.

Through rigorous research, we created Joint Pain Relief Heat Therapy Coat/Brace. They can be used to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, increase blood flow and relieve pain, which can be used for ongoing conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and injuries. By reducing stiffness, heat therapy helps to improve joint range of motion during and after exercise. In addition to these healing benefits, heat therapy provides comfort, relaxation and anxiety reduction.

The effectiveness of heat therapy braces in managing joint pain in dogs has been demonstrated through numerous clinical experiences. Now we worked with many Veterinarians, Physiotherapists, like Dr.Andrew Jones, Dr. Tarantino, Dr. Alex Avery, Dr. Dicki Kennedy, K9 Health Center, Canine Fitness Unleashed LLC, etc,. The heated therapy braces have versatile applications in clinical, physical therapy, dog training like Agility training and competition training as well as home-based therapy.

Join us now if you want to be part of the effort to enhance dogs' well-being and quality of life.