Sample of 2-in-1 PetieTec Massage Braces For Neck & Hip

Sample of 2-in-1 PetieTec Massage Braces For Neck & Hip

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Please note:
1. Free samples are only available to pet supplies distributors. If you are not distributors, we do not accept your request for free samples.
2. The default samples are a set of heat therapy braces for hips and legs and a set of massage braces for back and hips as below. Please leave a message if you have any special requirements.

The Heated Braces are for Dogs of All Ages with Joint Pain

Joint problems are common in dogs, particularly in seniors and large breeds. Although there is no cure for this progressive condition, initiating appropriate management can help keep our dog active and improve their quality of life. The Targeted Heating Therapy Braces are used to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, increase blood flow and relieve pain, which is helpful for ongoing conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, and hip dysplasia in your dogs.


Why Our Infrared Targeted Heating Braces?

 Veterinarian Approved
 Targeted Heating &3 Temperature options
 Different sizes for different breeds

 Made of Graphene material without over heating
 Totally safe with no sided effects
 Work well with other therapies

Which Conditions Do Our Infrared Targeted Heating Braces Help?

 Joint pain caused by arthritis
 Joint pain caused by Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
 Limping or stiffness
 Tightness in Back and Legs

 Body pain caused by ACL tears
 Body pain caused by degenerative myelopathy (DM)
 Post-surgical Recovery
 Injury Recovery


Guide for sizes

The sizes of our braces are defined according to the animal's back length

L = 45 TO 70 CM
XL = Over 70 Ccm
For a bigger size, please contact our customer service

Brace Materials

  • Graphene heating panel
  • Top layer made of Tpu fabric
  • Inner layer made of Stereo Gille Fabric
  • Elastic Band
  • Commercial grade Velcro
  • Metal Hock

The Massage Therapy Braces are Dogs of all Ages with Muscle Tension and Sore

This was specifically designed for pets to provide an effective, yet gentle, therapeutic massage using vibration therapy. Vibration massage therapy can help relieve muscle tension around delicate tissue or sore spots.
Each Petietec massage Belt provides 6 points with vibration and myofascial massaging therapy to your pet up to 100 hz frequency.
Petietec Massage belt is with 6 100 hz frequency dissolves knots and stimulates blood circulation, which can help improve mobility and joint health for your pet.
Massaging your pet with the Petietec Massage belt can help to prevent injuries, improve performance in agility dogs, delay onset of age-related arthritis, improve mobility for older pets and help recover faster from injuries or post surgery rehabs.

Why Your Pet Will love the Massage Braces?

1. Soothes Nerves:Massaging can help reduce stress and anxiety.
2. Core Tension: Use the belt to massage along the back to help decrease tension and stress.
3. Joint Health: Use the belt for joints to help increase flexibility and circulation while decreasing tension, especially in dogs with osteoarthritis.
4. Improves Mobility: The belt can help improve mobility and joint health when used before and after exercise.

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